1. > *^7.30 ^Patch ^Notes*
    > X-Ray llamas have arrived!
    >* Llamas in the X-Ray tab of the Item Shop will show all of their contents and upgrades without requiring a purchase.

    So the llamas’ new x-ray feature shows a preview of what’s inside. New items are marked by a little red icon, with a tally below.

    Except the new items aren’t actually new. In the pic, both common survivors are already saved in my collection book, while the legendary Deadly Blade Crash is lvl 40 and spends most of her days lounging around homebase if she’s not sent on a expedition.

    Does anyone else have this issue? Schematics have the same problem, lots of items falsely marked as ‘new’ in the x-ray preview. People might buy a llama expecting a hero or item they don’t have yet, and be disappointed by a duplicate.

  2. Maybe it’s ones you haven’t already gotten from X-ray llamas. I’ve had the same problem but this update made me pay a close attention before buying many llamas.

  3. Those “new” indicators don’t check against the Collection Book, just like the “Have: #” indicators on choice, deep choice, and double-deep choice in the RNG llamas.

    As you mention that your Deadly Blade Crash is currently in your inventory, I’m going to take a guess that heroes current on expeditions cause the same issue. I personally haven’t used expeditions since long before the “Have: #” system was added, so can’t say with certainty.

  4. It checks if you have the item in your inventory first, and if you don’t, it then checks if you have it in your collection book, and again if you don’t, it shouldn’t have an exclamation mark but it should still appear in the x-ray.

    If you have the item in your book and inventory and you have an exclamation mark. It’s most likely a bug or this is Epic’s way of saying you have a Legendary+ item in the x-ray.

    You also need to wait for a full day for the llama to reset. It won’t change the contents in “real-time”.

  5. Same for me with Raider Headhunter, I heard people complaining about dup protection not working for mythic leads since 7.30, maybe this somehow related issues.


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