when you have a youtuber who really care about his subscribers much love SLYGUMBI


when you have a youtuber who really care about his subscribers much love SLYGUMBI

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  1. I wanna see the video he teased in there. I hope he does it soon or I’m gonna waste the reperk/perk up and do it myself lol. Hes a smart guy, seen him find several things that most people dont know that are SUPER OP like the damage resistance thing for example.

  2. Slygumbi has been the best STW YouTuber since the release of the game. Even before many people even played (meaning, before BR) he put content out that was useful, sensible, to the point, and without sounding like a salesman for whatever latest item/feature was in the game. Best part is, he uses numbers and shows examples explaining whatever the topic of the video is.

    Normally I’d never comment sounding like a fanboy like this, but he definitely deserves the recognition.

  3. Bumbi is awesome, you can ask whatever the hell you want in chat he will answer through outly and interact with the chat big time. Been on his stream daily and he’s pretty damn chill and informative

  4. I’m a huge fan of Sly Gumbi. Probably one of the most genuine YouTubers out there. I like his no nonsense approach and that he never clickbaits. He gives us the facts and is honest if he gets things wrong. Although he rarely gets anything wrong to be fair.

    He certainly isn’t for everyone though as people can get offended by him but that’s more their problem than his. He would probably admit that he doesn’t give a flying F if they are anyway. I wish there were more around like him.

    He’s probably the only StW YouTuber that I will happily watch his videos in their entirety. Well him and David Dean actually. That’s it though.

  5. Gumbi is good at reviews and stuff but when it comes to new subs, not so much… I one time politely asked how I can join the queue to join his match and he flipped out saying” Just do what literally everyone else is doing!” And I could tell he was frustrated for some reason.

  6. I ❤️ Sir Gumbi. He can be a grumpy ole bastard, but he is kind, and he loves to help others.

    He is one of the most knowledgeable STW people out there, and I respect his no bullshit attitude.

    I also think he should have been given an invite to Epic HQ.

  7. Gumbi is the first stw youtuber i ever watched. Followed by a1getdismoney. Ive actually had the pleasure of playing w/ gumbi many times, way back when he was a pl 60-ish. Oh the good ol’ days! He and is squad make the most fun defenses!! (Bouncy House Defense)

  8. kinda sucks because i enjoy his videos and tips and info but in his live streams hes an ass literally talks shit about new people coming into and saying dumb shit like “i think you’re stupid as fuck for using this trap or that” whens someone just asked a question fuck em


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