We just did PL 128 – 30 Waves with 4 Ninjas


[Here’s a picture of the victory screen](https://i.imgur.com/ewolIzn.png) (unfortunally bugged so you only see two)


Hero Composition:


Dim Mak Mari

Dim Mak Mari

Sarah Hotep


[and here’s a screenshot of seconds before we won](https://i.imgur.com/ipNA2vr.jpg), just to prove that we actually were 4 ninjas the whole time.


It was also our first try with 4 ninjas, this basically proves that team composition doesn’t matter *that* much, as long as you’re coordinated enough.

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  1. Holy crap, congratulations 🙂

    I am really happy to see more and more people finishing this challenge.

    It shows that finishing the challenge requires time, practice and thinking, and not just “I am PL131 and I should be able to finish this just because”.

    Well done 🙂

    P.S: Now do this with 4 LRJs (or Cloaking Stars, if I remember the name correctly), for maximum trolling effect 😉

  2. * What were you using in support/tactical slots?
    * What gadgets did you use?
    * Did you use “open space around burner, with floor launchers” tactic?
    * Who was farming, and how did you manage to get enough resources without a striker? 😉

  3. And here I am still trying to find a steady group.


    Congrats though that’s amazing! Did you find any advantages to using the Ninja class? I’m assuming the double jump would come in handy.

  4. Ayy we ran 2 Dires that never died basically along with 1 striker and 1 heavy base; I was convinced you needed 1 striker for farming and 1 heavy base for the reload speed on all your 5x floor launchers but it’s amazing to be proven wrong!

    Congratulations and I’m so happy someone did it you madlads xD next is 4x pathfinders (Which would probably actually be easier since you can farm faster and still have mobility from phase shift) When it comes down to late-game where nobody does damage and everyone gets one shot, I think ninjas actually shine (Dire especially with max movement and no double jump cost/ 1.5 tile high jumps) here since soldiers can’t deal damage (Soldiers are only useful in wave 30 if you use damage traps and need the defib shots/DPS to kill things as opposed to just depending on floor launchers)

    [Gonna drop my guide for other people which might help you understand how the floor launcher and build works since it includes screenshots – but these guys proved you don’t need heavy/striker with the same strat](https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/aketgj/frostnite_pl_128_30_waves_indepth_strategy/)

    And if you’re looking for players who know what they’re doing and are still tryna run frostnite, hmu to join ou
    r LFG – I finally got the banner after two runs with a fresh, new group off the thread I made and it’s amazing the amount of teamwork and self reflection you see when people fail and talk about what they could have done better

  5. Hey mate, I’m just wondering how is it possible to have a ceiling in your trap tunnels yet have the husks die of fall damage. Won’t the ceiling stop the husks from going that high

  6. I thought the only people alive show on the screen, I’ve completed it twice and it was like that both times. If you’re alive at the finish, you’re on screen. If you’re dead at the end you won’t show up.


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