1. It’s been almost 3 Seasons & they still haven’t fixed the Building Bug; it was reintroduced around mid-Season 5 & they haven’t done anything to fix it. It happened in Season 2 in both StW & BR, but was fixed in like 2 weeks, for both modes.

    We don’t exactly need to build super fast like in BR, but it’s still annoying as shit when you want to put a Floor, but you put a Wall or trying to goto a Ramp & instead end up using a Floor. It also makes doing Build the Radar Grid missions really annoying than they have to be because of the amount of Editing required for them.

    Then you got the other bugs that have been in for weeks, some for months, without fix like the AR Defenders holding half the Military Rifles in an odd pose unless firing/reloading, Anti-Material Charge not working & phasing through everything randomly mid-game, Nature damage causing an effect where when the DoT wears off & you try to use an ability, it will consume the energy for that ability but not activate it forcing you to use double energy for a single ability, Crescent Kick not working in mid-air since last Spring even though the last entry on the changelog mentioned it was enabled with no other changes to it, Lefty&Righty not activating/taking forever to active, the Combat/Building mode toolbar sometimes getting messed up so you have the Building Toolbar active even though you have a weapon equipped so you can’t see the cooldowns on your abilities clearly, unable to build on the first 2 tiles high of a Survivor Antenna, Deliver the Bomb unable to start even though the track is connected/stuck on the end-game screen, & melee attack hits not registering.

    It’s a pipe dream, but I sincerely hope the next Season introduces lots of major fixes/changes like 5.0, the amount of bugs that this mode is riddled with is pretty insane. My drive to play this game is slowly being dwindled, but with the introduction of X-Ray Llamas & the upcoming Hero Loadouts rework, it might reignite my motivation. I just hope they don’t add more bugs in the process…

  2. Mfer I made a video where they suppressed a bug that no other game has done (fire rate bug)

    And a big bug with campfires is fixed (not the biggest bug tho)

    A lot of bug fixed are easy fixes and make any minuscule bugs we’re used to go away, adding up overtime and polishing things

    But like almost every game too new bugs arise


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