1. You need a forge person to do this. Have it sent away and they will return it in a day (you know they will do something to delay it)

    But a quick selection and instant turn around would be nice

  2. Or better yet: only have only 1 tier, instead of 5-6, of the following items:

    * Mechanical parts.
    * Mineral powder.
    * Twine.

    Ores and crystals can stay as they currently are. There really is no need to have so many tier crafting materials.


    Also, for your idea, malachite should only be transformed into obsidian, while quartz crystal should be transformable into shadowshard crystal.

  3. I disagree. Up-tier crafting may seem convenient (a good way to put your lower tier materials to use) but the higher tier materials are gated behind game progression for a reason.

    I still have young kids who rush to Twine just so that can craft 5-star weapons they still don’t have materials for. Let’s be honest, most of this activity is driven by the scammer mentality that sees 130s as the ultimate tool to dupe other dupes with.

    The game is pretty easy as it is as long as you play within your PL. When I hear folks say it’s too hard they are usually 10-20 PLs below the SSD they are trying to complete. Yes, there are those with the savvy to solo SSDs and missions well above their PL, but let’s be honest and say that most of the people that find themselves in this situation are not at that maturity yet.

    Let’s not suggest watering down STW any further than it already has become. The fact that this game requires at least a little thought in order to play well is one of the few things that keeps it interesting.

    TLDR: No thanks to up-tier crafting

    Edit: if up-tier crafting we’re to be a thing it should be gated behind quest progression. In this way you would not be able to up-tier craft 4-stqr into 5-star until the next area after Twine is opened. See what I did there?

  4. If this were a thing, it should be more like 10-1 just because it would be really op for high level players converting all the low level mats to higher level mats. I have almost 2000 mal and I could change all of it to sunbeam with the 3-1 ratio, that’s a free stack of sunbeam or 666 shadow. Then there really isn’t a reason to farm and play the game at all. Definitely an awesome idea though and could be balanced, it’s just 3-1 is a little op.

  5. I give a lot of my obsolete materials to new players when I go to Stone or Plank for vbuck missions/daily quest.

    Having this system would eliminate a lot of that, which is a shame because I remember getting some mats from higher level players when I was a noob and I was pretty happy about it.

    This is a good idea if you need mats in a punch though.

    I’d happily pay a 5:1 ratio if wood to craft planks!

  6. Am I missing something or does OP not understand that down tier crafting doesn’t turn higher tier materials into lower tier materials?

    I thought down tier crafting just let you make a lower tiered item with the normal lower tier materials.

  7. This would be good if the exchange was with crafting items of the same rarity only in certain regions the player has unlocked ie: can only exchange 5 star materials for other 5 star materials in twine.

  8. Lol this is why I play Striker A.C. Even in Canny I don’t worry about Crafting items. Legit it’s the easiest class to farm with

    It’s also pretty good in Frostnite when paired with Constructors

  9. I know a lot of games due ratios of upgrading a material they to 5:1. So 200 malachite could become 40 obsidian I think that ratio would be the less severe or Heck due the other ratio of like Diablo 3 with gem upgrades. They come more and more for each conversion. So tier 1 to 2 would be 2:1 tier 2 to 3 could be 3:1 tier 3 to 4 and so on till the 5:1 while would make the 130 weapons not as annoying to farm out materials.

  10. would be nice to see a system like this. would cut down the need to farm sleek parts and would give us something to do with lower tier stuff rather than just dropping it


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