Trailblazer Quinn. Great Hero, thrown into shadows by Reclaimer.


Trailblazer Quinn. Great Hero, thrown into shadows by Reclaimer.

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  1. I have the exact same issue with dim mak being thrown into the shadow by dragon scorch, dim mak was my first main and I love her. The smoke bomb is so useful and ik people will just say “well dragon scorch does the exact same thing but better” smoke bomb can also be used defensively, just sit in it guide the husks and it last longer. I just wish players didn’t focus on one hero in each class.

  2. Trailblaster and blazer both have cooldown with fragment – 50%. Shocktower eats fragments faaaaast.

    So if U collected fragments then u have 2 options:

    . Spam teddy and shocktower and lose all fragments whitin 1 minute.

    . Dont use shocktower when u have fragements…

    Both are a no thnx for me.

    With fragments they are 100%the best. But thats the problem.

    And whitout fragments they become medium outlanders.

    (a while back with the “always a fragment” bug they became the most used heroes. Theyr 5sec of fame hehe)

  3. Trailblazer and Trailblaster would see a lot more use if one or two (or three ha ha) combination of things were different:

    1. ‘Where we’re going we need roads’ (Speed on player built floors) was changed to either ‘Fleet’ (flat speed boost) or ‘double down’ (50% chance to gather an additional fragment). Either would help in Fragment gathering which she needs to do to take advantage of impossibility matrix.

    2. The ability to choose when to use a Fragment. Hold the deploy for half a second = use a Fragment, Tap = deploy without using. Would mean you could save low cooldown for bear, or just save fragments for a defence.

    3. Reclaimer has a nerf to HAD stat to match Enforcer. That would leave Reclaimer with frag generation and still a fantastic choice but Trailblazer widening the (slight) gap she has when packing fragments.

    Of course the hero rework means all the above is moot anyways.


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