This is why you lost a lot of collection book exp, Epic removed some of your event heroes from your Collection Book.


**[Fix will come in a few hours.]( **

[Official Response](


# Road Trip


As seen in the screenshot, all the heroes from road trip that were there before are gone. This resulted in negative EXP due to them no longer being there. As if they were deleted. This applies to the following:

* [Wild Fragment Deadeye]( (Epic & Legendary)
* [First Shot Rio]( (Epic & Legendary)
* [Vintage-Tech Penny]( (Rare, Epic & Legendary)
* [Explosive Assassin Ken]( (Rare, Epic & Legendary)

# Blockbuster


The following are missing from this tab:

* [Demolitionist Bull](
* [Demolitionist Penny](
* [Double Agent Evelynn](
* [Double Agent Vaughn](
* [Piercing Lotus Edge](
* [Piercing Lotus Luna](
* [Shock Gunner Buzz](
* [Shock Gunner Grizzly](

# Wrong Event

* [The Cloaked Star](

# Not Added Heroes/Weapons(No Slot)

* [Jingle Jess](
* **Twitch Prime** [Rescue Trooper Havoc]( & [Sub Commando Jonesy](
* [Brainiac Jonesy](
* [Skull Ranger Ramirez](
* [Raider Raptor](
* Spyglass (Sniper Rifle)

# Errors When Slotting.

* [Quick Draw Calamity]( ([](
* Leprechaun Survivor changes its name when evolved to tier 2 making it unable to be slotted.

**I suspect there are others that were removed as well.** Will update as I find more.

# Collection Values

If I had the exact rarities that were missing I could probably do the math. But based off the values below it’s reasonable to assume it should add up to the missing XP:

* Legendary Heroes: 50,000
* Epic Heroes: 16,375
* Rare Heroes: 8,350
* Uncommon Heroes: 5,770

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  1. I even slotted my Machinist Thora and Sledgehammer until I realised this, and well lets just say I just spent 40 V-Bucks to unslot them just in case that when this is fixed that they don’t get eaten by the collection book!

  2. How many of the Roadtrip heroes were in the Collection Book before? Can anyone tell me if these were in the Collection Book before the update? Urban Assault Sledgehammer, Harvester Fiona, Bladestorm Enforcer. Somehow none of them are in my inventory or the Collection Book even though I have gotten every single event hero since the Blockbuster event (except for a few llama ones).

  3. Thank you for this, I just assumed it was because of the new heroes and completely overlooked all my missing ones lol.

    Hopefully we get them back, typically I slotted a ton of my Event ones just a couple days ago 🙁

  4. u/magyst

    When the devs have a look at this could they please have a look at this as well concerning the collection book:

    There is a St Patricks day survivor called the Leprechaun which changes name when it is evolved to 2 star. This change in name prevents this survivor from getting slotted into its designated Leprechaun slot in the collection book and there is no way to undo the evolution. I feel that just playing the game as it should be played should not prevent you from then putting it into the collection book because that is like a trap. Can something pls be done about this. I still have this card in my inventory and there is nothing I can do with it while that slot in my collection book stays unfilled.

  5. I used to have all the epic Fortnitemares heroes slotted in the CB, but my Skull Trooper, Llamurai and Beetlejess are straight up gone as if i’d never slotted them.

  6. Oh this is annoying. I’ve just managed to get every Hero in the game, you’re telling me I’m going to be missing some now when I look?! I sure hope this hasn’t effected weapons in anyway, as I’ve managed to get every weapon and hero along the way in this game. If I’m missing stuff I’m going to be shattered :\

  7. This is a list of links to comments made by Epic employees in this thread:

    * [Comment by Magyst](/r/FORTnITE/comments/akyxuo/this_is_why_you_lost_a_lot_of_collection_book_exp/ef9lb8b/?context=1000 “posted on 2019-01-29 15:11:40 UTC”):

    > Hey everyone! We’re working to get this resolved. I don’t currently have an ETA yet but we’re discussing options at this moment. We’re hoping to have this fixed ASAP.
    >Here is the [official Trello card]( that you can follow along with.

    * [Comment by Magyst](/r/FORTnITE/comments/akyxuo/this_is_why_you_lost_a_lot_of_collection_book_exp/efa5mat/?context=1000 “posted on 2019-01-29 18:17:09 UTC”):

    > Players impacted by this will get that experience debt back once this fix is pushed live. There is an issue where some players may not have all of the collection book pages. Your items are still slotted but they aren’t being calculated into the collection book xp. Once the players have the pages, the experience will be calculated.

    This is a bot providing a service. If you have any questions, please [contact the moderators]([](#AUTOGEN_TSBREPLIEDBOT)


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