1. I truly feel bad for any new players who aren’t like this and just want to play and enjoy the game. You have to get through *a lot* of bullshit before you start playing with good players.

    The last time I went into Stonewood I had people following me around swinging pick axes at me and begging to trade. Then during the defense one of them was full of screeching near tears in voice chat because my bear was stilling all of his kills.

  2. I remember back when I was in Stonewood, someone got mad at me because I wouldn’t give them free weapons. At the end of the the game, they pulled out a Gravedigger with a fire element and a few other weapons with elements.

  3. Let me see:


    “Hey, [u/imlife1102](https://www.reddit.com/user/imlife1102) wanna trade?”

    “Wanna trade?”

    “I have 106 guns god roll fire water energy nature”

    “Show me your guns!”

    “Are you listen, [u/imlife1102](https://www.reddit.com/user/imlife1102) ? Wanna trade?”

    “If you are listen, move to the left, [u/imlife1102](https://www.reddit.com/user/imlife1102) ? Wanna trade?”

    “This boi [u/imlife1102](https://www.reddit.com/user/imlife1102) can’t listen to me! Wanna trade?”

    ** kid start to build a box around you**



    The HELL… the HELL ON EARTH!


  4. I had the daily challenge of 3 Stonewood missions and every time they tried to trade I gave them a little speech about how not to trade and these are the answers I got. 1) “Ok cool so what would you do for a 130 Nocturno” 2) “wait so can I get a drop off” and 3) “f*ck you man you’re probably a scammer go kys” and they all blocked me afterwards


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