Still Looking for Mods!


Hello Subreddit!

We are looking for people who are passionate about Fortnite and are willing to dedicate the time to assist with the daily tasks keeping the sub running. It’s a lot of menial work but a job that needs to be done. We are also looking for people who are interested in moderating our Coming Soon™ Save the World r/Fortnite Discord Server! You can use the same link to apply for both ((though the application does focus more on the reddit sub at this time)).

1. Any time zone worldwide
1. Minimum age 18
1. Are passionate about Fortnite

If you believe you have the free time and dedication, please apply at the link below. We’re looking to bring mods on quickly!

Note if you already applied when we posted this a few days ago, you dont need to resubmit.

[Apply Here](

-The Mod Team

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  1. It would only be worth it if the power tripping admins were gone and /u/Necrologyx and /u/Haveireddit have full control of the STW fortnite sub, they actually care about fortnite, the game, and the redditors while everyone else is just trying to find an excuse to ban people. As long as the current person in charge of the decisions has the power to remove people based off his opinions and personal issues with them, I don’t see a good reason for anyone to work with this team.

  2. I was interested but I don’t think I could work along some of the current moderators.

    It is mostly about rule interpretation and when to not remove something that mainly affects the STW community but doesn’t exactly fit the rules.

    They have shown to be inconsistent and in some cases a bit hypocritical with their decision making.

    I wish the current mods and especially whoever fills in the space a lot of luck, they need it to keep this community-based subreddit useful.

  3. How about everyone that got the “best of 2018” award gets to mod the sub as a super special prize. You can almost guarantee that they’d be thrilled and humbly accept the gift /s
    Edit: for clarity

  4. I applied once the last time they asked. Think I’d be too lenient. I enjoy a good laugh, memes, and suggestions. This subreddit just has been to strict lately. Before, memes would be everywhere. I’d chuckle a couple of times throughout the day looking at this. Miss those good days.


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