Someone asked me to draw Blitzen Base Kyle, hope you all enjoy! :D


Someone asked me to draw Blitzen Base Kyle, hope you all enjoy! 😀

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  1. Now this is a quality sketch of a quality character! Splendid work – as always! 😀

    Your line work and shading is as phenomenal as ever, and I must admit, I’m personally admiring this piece more because it’s a constructor – and unabashedly done just for StW!

    Take my upvote, my gold and my gratitude. Thank you very much for doing this, and sharing it with us. Creative works like this are a valuable treat for the whole community.

    Edit: as a request- could you do a penny doing a cheer with her eyes closed??

  2. It looks amazing! I love all your artwork!

    As a request, If you are able to draw Dragon Scorch, I’d greatly appreciate it! I know you have other pieces in mind though, so take your time if you decide to do my request. <3

  3. Jingle Jess? With her santa hat if possible

    Look it up if you need to i dont know how imgur works so i cant link

    Also amazing drawing, would give gold but im poor. Have an imaginary extra gold i guess

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    > This is amazing! Fantastic attention to detail!
    >Thank you so much for sharing this!

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