1. Please, improve chances to get heroes from winter llamas, it seems like 90% of what I get are weapons… I think I’ve only gotten 2-3 blues and maybe 1-2 epic heroes(the epic/legendary ones I have are mostly from the birthday llama).

    I can’t play 20h a day to open 100 llamas to get event heroes…

  2. That wasn’t very much. :/ Glad report bugs were squashed, but other than that this was stuff we already knew.

    Will we EVER get news about the Locker for STW? There’s no excuses to hide behind anymore. Being able to customize perks is nice, but when can we also customize our look? When can we have the same silly fun that BR gets? Please, give us answers.

  3. Gonna get downvoted but hear me out:

    Half the video was him explaining the AFK notification weren’t being sent

    The other half was him saying the hero system wasn’t ready yet with one scene of the new system with no specifics and the Spring llamas are coming out.

    And that they will add more challenging stuff in the future. Yay?

    Bit underwhelming this one.

  4. I was very excited to watch this and while it is really nice to just hear from the dev’s, it wasn’t their best dev update. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have a conrete update on the AFK issue. Also cool to know the date the lunar llama is returning but not too much to unpack here.

    I wish they would have teased the hero loadout a bit more. Also an update on the Canny Valley video would be much appreciated 😀

  5. So people are being banned/punished via report system, but yet it still took a member of reddit over 300 hours to get banned? Something doesn’t add up.

    We don’t need to see more notifications of people action is taken against. We need to see more action taken. Simple.

    Nearly every mission now a day has an AFKer or someone completely ignoring the objective.

  6. Anybody notice the huge amount of husks they were facing in the first few clips?
    They could of just spawned them in with some sort of dev feature, but i think it would be cool if we got that as some sort of difficulty increase

  7. Still seem vague about the report system. Just hope it detects players who just spins in circles, farming the whole game without contributing the mission and of course the old fasion afk.

    Forgot to mention also, Radar and Survivor mission should end once everyone is saved dead/alive and all radars are completed. Having 10+mins left to farm is boring when you actually don’t need to.


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