1. Fortnite is doing away with its blind-draw lootboxes, and will replace the “V-Buck Llamas” with an “X-Ray Llama” that shows its contents before being opened. The qualifier here is this is for Fortnite: Save The World which no one plays.

    Posted by polygon.

    Wtf polygon.

  2. Its a massive step in the right direction for the games industry. Hopefully other games will begin to follow this system. Huge news, it deserves front page! Save the World needs more recognition for the huge potential it has.

  3. It’s funny remembering back when it was only STW and seeing small streamers on Twitch playing it, I had no idea what the game was or how good it was but it blew up quick after that.

  4. I can’t believe how Fortnite, the most popular game made lootbox a fucking good system, Not meant to swear but how can a gamecompany do something this good, you can literally see what’s in the box?

    I love epicgames, even tho I donmt play br and stw for a long time and probably never will, I appreciate for what they do, I hope other games will do something like this ever.

  5. I have a simple question.

    Why not just sell mythic with real money if they go this way.

    It become a random pack you can buy which make no sense.

    We will buy what we need separately, we eventually bought all of them with different llama we picked in different day.

    Why not earn the money at once, they must don’t really care about these little money….?

  6. I mean, it’s allowing STW to get traction.

    The sad thing is, these article-makers only copy and paste from the official Epic news articles. They aren’t exactly doing it to help the game mode out


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