1. Is there something i am doing wrong? I never used swords, but Hardware in general is usable by all classes and does good damage, even better with Syd but am i doing something wrong with the sword?

  2. You need to disengage instead of keep fighting the blaster while all the others come towards you.
    That, and melee is not easy. It’s the red-headed stepchild of the fortnite armory.
    Also, edged melee tend not to stagger enemies as frequently as hardware.
    Also, Reclaimer is slow as hell.

  3. For running the sword on Reclaimer you should have Heavy Attack Efficiency. You won’t be able to kill everything outright with a sword alone. Throw in a shock tower in this situation and its ez pz gg.

  4. I disagree with everyone saying don’t use this outlander. I used the sword today with FFJ in a number of storm shield defences. I rotated teddy, tower, turret, tower etc and slashed in between. I partly used the slash as a type of phase shift for mobility. But for Blasters I tended to let my abilities take care of them – the sword was better for takers and flingers. I didn’t fire a single bullet and got an insanely high combat score each time. For me the sword is a great addition to my FFJ set up.

    I used it with enforcer and dusk yesterday (both Outlanders with good phase shift) and found I was constantly running out of energy, so not sure it’s such a good combo with phase shift. You really need a ninja whose abilities take up less energy for that I think.


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