1. I will not be opening that llama until this is fixed don’t want to waste a chance at a new mythic.

    *edit as someone pointed out I forgot to mention i certainly don’t have all the mythics for this category so this should not be happening. I really dont need CB exp and am sticking to my word stop trying to convince me to claim a llama I already have the ticket for.

    edit edit: WHAT A SHOCKER IT DIDN’T CHANGE THANKS FOR TRYING TO MAKE ME CLAIM IT https://i.imgur.com/lojaC0N.jpg

  2. Question!

    Is what you see on the right side exactly what you’re going to receive? Or, is it just the one of the same category (like a legendary survivor)?

    I see a legendary Harper on mine right now (who I need for my collection book), but I don’t want to buy it if it can be something else!

    Thanks for any info 🖤

  3. I have seen this a couple times today, all of them have been with the free Upgrade Llama tokens.

    I’m curious if this has happened with anybody post free llamas. May just be the llama token llamas are bugged.

  4. Today from a daily I got a mythic, I also have a mythic showing from super hero llamas, I was going to buy it to piss off a friend who has never pulled a mythic but decided to save for super people

  5. Dupe protection is no longer relevant with the x-ray llamas. The point of dupe protection was to mitigate bad RNG. Now that the x-ray llamas are no longer RNG (fixed before you open), dupe protection is obsolete.

  6. I bought one with the same mythic lead so I could book it.

    The llama told me exactly what was in it. If I bought it an it changed to anything other than another mythic I’d be annoyed.

    I don’t think dupe protection matters when you can just not buy the llama.

  7. May have just been luck but I got the one mythic I was needing to finish off my survivor squads. I’m set now with all mythic leads plus all legendary survivors and the two mythic quest survivors. Took a long time but got there eventually 😁

  8. I got two mythics… but both Malcolms and I already had him. Support wrote me:

    ” Please be informed that it is part of our latest patch where in dupe protection is disabled. ”

    Wow, thx a lot!


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