1. Due to excessive data/images post has to be made outside of Reddit.

    Direct Link : [https://fortnitedb.com/legendary-survivors-leads-perkup-rewards-distribution-in-january/](https://fortnitedb.com/legendary-survivors-leads-perkup-rewards-distribution-in-january/)


    Previous breakdown Vbucks distribution: [https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/aleuo5/vbucks_missions_distribution_for_january_analysis/](https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/aleuo5/vbucks_missions_distribution_for_january_analysis/)

    TLDR: We need quad epic buff 😉

  2. Great work as always! The graphs are really nice.

    2 mythics for the entire month isn’t too bad. Glad you recorded that. Looks like epic and legendary are all the perk up that appears in 94+. Pretty good tbh.

  3. Now this is high quality content. Very informative- highly valuable information that’s very applicable to what we need to ask for and look at in terms of balancing the perk economy.

    Your info graphics are phenomenal too; having bar graphs to compare each different rarity of perk up’s appearance in missions, and the distribution of how often each rarity appeared in what amount in group missions; that’s great mate. Seriously crucial stuff.

    However much attention this gets, it should get more.

    And on the actual subject matter; yes we need more 4 x epic perk up missions, but also 3 x epic missions! That looked like the outlier to me, because 3 x appeared in comparable amounts for uncommon, rare, and even legendary – but 3 x Epic was super low, even comparatively to 4 x across all perk up rarities.

  4. Can you do perk distribution by mission type? This would allow us to create normalized earning rates, then show what percentage of uptime it would be possible to those rates throughout the month. Then we compare that number against advancement costs (3×150 rare, 5×225 epic, 5 x 325 legendary) and get a guideline of both how long it takes to advance a schematic to a certain perk level, and then how long (calendar days) that would take.

    My anecdotal data suggests that the paucity of epic perkup means it takes more calendar time to advance a schematic to all epic than it does to all legendary. It’s be nice to demonstrate that with a 31 day sample size though.

  5. there needs to be more purple perk ups in twine peaks high level. tired of having a million gold perk ups and a few purples just because there is very little purple in twine 100.


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