Interesting state of the sub when low quality memes get more upvotes than a post which has been well thought out and actually benefits players


Interesting state of the sub when low quality memes get more upvotes than a post which has been well thought out and actually benefits players

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  1. Also before anyone points out yes I made a meme to point this out, ironic I know!

    Edit: this is a shout-out to the players who post pointing out hero/weapon loadouts, interesting things with weapons or have taken time to demonstrate something

  2. I think content creators are not helping the issue either, even guys I watch and respect are still posting “IS IT GOOD” weapon reviews. Where are the guides? I would love to see posts/videos called: A Guide to the Spectral Blade for Assassins, or A Guide to the Guardians Will for Non-Ninja Heroes.

  3. I wouldn’t really call it the state of the sub. I’ve made post that haven’t gained much traction and put a lot of effort into them. It’s really no big deal if it gets upvotes or not. Most people here I feel like are just casually browsing reddit bored looking for memes, videos or stuff they find interesting. I don’t expect 1k upvotes on a long write up even if it’s well formatted. No one here does post like that for the karma.

    Just cause people don’t upvote a post doesn’t mean it’s any less important. It’s a really poor way to look at things.

    A lot of people simply don’t have the time to read something super detailed like one of Whitesushi’s write ups. I personally don’t always do but I always give an upvote just to help others see it. I don’t think it really bothers him one bit if his post gets traction or not. It shouldn’t bother anyone who creates unique content on this sub.

  4. Intelligent analysis of weapons and loadouts can’t be found in this sub anymore because the mods block them right away 😂 that’s why I’ve given up on even t trying to start a conversation here. Anything with screenshot of stats so we can compare and discuss just gets removed asap but memes always clutter the front page

  5. The sub (we) 100% does this to itself (ourselves) though.

    I’m very oft low-key poking at this issue and demonstrating it as such – whenever I put out a guide, I try to post a simple piece of media, bug, silly clip, or screenshot at the same time. The fluff content ALWAYS beats out the guide in attention and upvotes. Example-

    [T6 chest at spawn](

    [Smasher Basher write up:](

    Published the exact same day; a very detailed guide on a new event weapon, and a bloody screenshot of a T6 chest at spawn. The screenshot has more than twice the upvotes than the guide.

    People will comment on guides, they’ll talk about them, and ask what they can do to utilize the information in game, which I’m very gratified by – but this sub (or perhaps Reddit as a whole as someone else mentioned) just. Upvotes. Memes. And. Media.

    Take it how you will, that’s the case.

  6. What are people more likely to look at.

    A published scientific journal on the effects of ptsd on the human mind or an article about someone exploding watermelons for fun.

  7. Tbh those “thought out posts” like charts of weapon damage are often unnecessary.

    And I only say this because half the time the numbers reflected aren’t even the real numbers. The game is in beta and a lot doesn’t work as intended. Just level your survivors, perk your schematics, and it doesn’t really matter what you do. There is no “meta” lots of methods get the job done

  8. The players who already know what they’re doing are either here to share their information to newer players, or have some fun. There should be content for players that don’t need guides, too, right?


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