1. That’s what happens when 90% of the game is filled with 10 year olds from BR. Trading in STW is like trading in Minecraft on a creative server. If you’re not gonna play the damn game what’s the point.

  2. I can’t understand why anyone trades in this game, the amount of time i see jackasses spend in their trade huts fucking around and arguing when they could just be farming makes no sense to me.

    By just passive farming during missions, recycling junk traps and weapons from chests and actually running expeditions once in a while, I never have any shortage of any kind of materials and there’s no fucking point in having 2k obsidian or shadowshard, it’ll be obsolete before you ever use it.

  3. I’m thinking of leaving the game. I’m so sick of kids trying to scam and kids destroying buildings for weapons. a shame epic won’t invest time in making the game more comfortable for real players that actually do something

  4. Lol this reminds me of earlier todau joined a random game tryna farm gold off stormshields and found a match. I load in and this kids yelling at another guy “hey wanna trade hey HEY hey wanna trade” annoying ass all shit, n me and forth dude to join are telling him in chat that playing the game and leveling his shiy is a batter way then trading. We get ignored so the kid starts trading with a presume another kid and he obviously gets scammed (mind you all of this is happeing while were doing ss and these two are hiding trading).

    So all we hear is “I GOT SCAMMED” “HE SCAMMED ME” queue me and other dude typing lol and rip…. Then this kid…. Omfg….. He says “hey ill pay you for my stuff back….. OMFG! So kid pays this dude with mal i think….. And gets scammed again! XD he says “im leaving” and leaves right before ss is done so he didn’t even get xp/gold bois.

  5. Jesus, I’ve been in twine for like 2 weeks and I struggle with all the tier 4 mats, even after extensive farming I’m always stuck below 200. If traders actually played they wouldn’t know how good they had it.

  6. So what is exactly the end game of someone who collects that stuff via trading ?

    I don’t even have 1/5th of what he “lost” on hand and can solo majority of the content out there.

    Do these traders just want 10k of everything ? Enough mats to swap vs high end guns that will last 4 matches ?

    I just don’t understand. There’s no way to be fortnite rich.


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