I made paper V-Bucks and now I pay my kids Allowance in V-Bucks


I made paper V-Bucks and now I pay my kids Allowance in V-Bucks

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  1. Correction! : We are treating 1 of those V bucks as 100 in game V-Bucks. I guess I should have made them 100Vbuck bills. my B

    They earn 1 V-Buck at a time upto 10 V-Bucks. They are given the choice of this or actual money

  2. I would adjust their values a bit to make it worth their time/effort or else the system won’t mean anything and will collapse.

    1 vbuck is equal to 1 cent if I am not mistaken

  3. I hope you end up only allowing them to cash in at certain thresholds. Otherwise this is just building their addiction to fortnite as it disables them using money elsewhere.

    Honestly, I think it’s a cool idea, but as somebody who plays video games too much, it’s hard to cut down on them when you get older.

  4. This isn’t a bad idea.

    If the kid loses them you aren’t out actual cash. They have no value if they don’t trade them in to you so you get some control over what they buy.

    If you have more than one kid they could even trade each other for vbucks in order to get out of a specific chore they hate.

    And… you can devalue them whenever you want like the old coal mining company stores in order to keep them doing more and more chores until you don’t have to lift a finger.

    Pay attention to how many you have in circulation if you have multiple kids in case they learn how the printer works.

    Then you can teach them about hyperinflation.


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