I made my first trap tunnel today! honestly shocked how effective the strategy is.


I made my first trap tunnel today! honestly shocked how effective the strategy is.

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  1. Welcome to the best part of the game! I’d be happy to run through some diff builds and answer questions about tunnels if you ever want to. I love seeing people getting excited about this part of the game

  2. Wow that’s a pretty early level for trapping, I’m a bit impressed. Most people just slug it out with guns since it works out.

    And of course there’s a ~~soldier~~ ninja fighting in the funnel AAAAAARGH

  3. Can’t see the ‘start’ of your tunnels from your vantage point, but

    + Try to put the gas traps closer towards the husk spawn, rather than at the end.
    + Throw in some wooden floor spikes towards the beginning of your tunnels, it’ll help to bunch up the tankier husks and slow them down significantly.

  4. Wall darts have a 6 tile range and a 3 tile trigger radius. Use them at the part that goes straight on the tunnel and dynamos on the wall.

    You can actually have wall darts shoot through windows as well.

  5. Awh man you’re making me miss trap tunnels 🙁 I’m in twine now and I build them less and less because people like to fight in front of tunnel or spawn camp the husks thus rendering my tunnel useless.

  6. Dont forget to funnel at the entrance. You can put walls three tiles out on each side to force them to funnel into the tunnel entrance. Gets tricky with some of the geography, but just practice and be efficient with traps.

    W= wall. e= entrance

  7. Doing well. Found the choke point and used it to your advantage.

    People mentioned pathing which will be a major factor in Storm Shield Defenses.

    Next will be learning little details such as how long trap effects last or the range that traps have. That will help as you find more difficult terrain and modifiers (such as exploding death burst) on the husks. We all have different preferences on handling each, so experimenting is good.

  8. “Acceptable stationary behavior,”

    Good job buddy, you got my upvote,

    Some times a tunnel of two tiles is good enough,

    Survey and ration, 🙂 and you’ll be a pro in no time

  9. # Congratulations my friend.

    you have passed the baptism of the trap tunnel.
    Your noob days are over. You are now a real FortNite player!


    Welcome to the group, newcomer.

    Enjoy your new tools of fun.


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