1. I’m not 100% happy with this one, but I did build it the way I originally thought of, which is a hero that is a “pillbox” – a small, fortified guard post from which a defense is made ~~and of course, a huge target for artillery~~.

    The conflict of Pillbox’s tiny defensive BASE and Concentrated Fire means your ROSIE should be placed within your BASE, but if you overbuild, your ROSIE won’t do much damage at all since you can’t hit. Thus, “first line of defense” Pillbox, in my mind, is suited for blocking off a path you know the husks are gonna attack from (and won’t try to go around because the only other options are +3 tiles away) and mowing the husks down as they try to make their own path. The other solution is to use your BASE to protect your objective and just put the ROSIE elsewhere, but then you can have better results with a bigger BASE hero (MB, PB) and Sentry Gunner, despite their individual issues.

    e: also, to explain the question marks – all of my new traits thus far have been edits of old traits – like editing a snowflake to symbolize it being a freeze-based trait. I’ve been using the fortnite wikia page to grab those traits. Unfortunately, the ROSIE traits aren’t in the wiki yet, still listed as question marks. I used “Waste Not Want Not” for Belt-Fed since it’s basically the same thing, but the lack of the ROSIE traits meant I couldn’t exactly put in the two ROSIE traits that Pillbox would share with Sentry Gunner, nor could I edit one for Concentrated Fire.

  2. Wow, this is actually a really solid-looking concept. A good BASE to slap on top of a fort’s main walls, would work amazingly as an off-Constructor. If that Support bonus affected Defenders too, he would be great to slot for solo or group missions. The thing about ‘Concentrated Fire’ though is that recoil isn’t too much of a problem on conventional weapons, it’s usually bloom. Maybe it could instead grant tighter accuracy for a slightly longer time after firing?

    Great idea and perfectly matches the skin, it’s a shame we most likely won’t see either come to fruition. 🙁 You did a great job, though!

  3. I just hate Rosie, no matter how buffed. I can’t stand having to sit still while gas lobbers are flinging their piss and other husks are walking behind obstacles. Being stationary is just the worst.


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