1. I promise, I won’t exclusively do soldier subclasses! Nor will my soldier subclasses have more Flashbang re-tools! I’ve been brainstorming for the Ice King’s potential subclass, so that will probably be my next concept page.

    Again, character models can be subject to change. Headhunter doesn’t have a lot of reskins, but Jonesy’s power is too strong.

  2. I feel like we should be encouraging people to use the building and trap aspect of the game. This minimizes a considerable amount of damage taken by players.

    I’m not against a healing class. But feel it is better suited to constructors who are already viewed as a support class that are not seen that often in missions.

    Edit: If healing sub class exists there has to be some draw back or strategy involved. Otherwise it becomes to strong.

  3. The suggestion is actually really good, giving owns armor to surrended allies while healing them is amazing, then you can put that Roadtrip Rio hero in tactic for an extra 5 warcry seconds.

    Aditionally, I like its support, is really useful for certain heroes like Alchemist or Doctor base.

  4. WHY?

    there is no reason to have a support class. you never die in this game. you just get punted back to the starting spawn point, and that is your punishment for sucking hard at the game.

    no support classes needed.

  5. So this is interesting, but the support class suggestions seem unnecessary.
    My teammates are rarely clumped together enough for any kind of radius-based buff to affect them. The only exception is mini bosses, and improved damage output is more beneficial there than improved armor.

    We already have adrenaline rush, and people don’t use that for their teammates a whole lot.
    Not to mention, players already don’t get knocked all that often unless they’re super under-leveled, so the need for a dedicated support role isn’t really there. If the game were a lot harder and players got knocked more regularly, then sure. But as it stands a support class isn’t terribly useful.


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