Here’s my suggestion for how to make exploding deathburst more balanced. (Sorry for crappy photoshop.)


Here’s my suggestion for how to make exploding deathburst more balanced. (Sorry for crappy photoshop.)

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  1. This is actually a very good change and it promotes people to bring in melee characters rathers than the usual

    Make it so that abilities cause deathburst too and you’ve got a great melee loadout

  2. Honestly, this will be a “building with metal/stone in a nature/ice storm” situation — people will be very angry when their teammates shoot at things because they’re not paying attention to the modifiers. It would be better than the current one — but it does create another problem.

  3. I like this change, makes it so you can actually place traps without them being destroyed 30 seconds into the defense, also might make ninjas be more useful with melee.

  4. Just in general I wouldn’t like the game to allow me to do the same thing every mission and win every time. If there are modifiers, these modifiers should have some effect on gameplay and force different strategies. Currently exploding deathbursts is the only one that has any real effect on those of us who like to use trap tunnels. If traps didn’t make them explode anymore, you could just do the same thing over and over again and never even look at the modifiers.

    The deathbursts themselves aren’t that much of a problem for trap tunnels. It’s only basic husks that explode and you can take most of them out with wall darts before they reach the tunnels, then make the first couple of tiles in your tunnel tier 3 metal, since those are the only ones that will take hits from exploding deathbursts. The deathbursts don’t do enough damage do become a problem if you do it like this. The problem is that they also ignite propane, which does a lot more damage to your tunnels.

    I understand that deathbursts suck for ninjas. However, since ninjas are overall the weakest class, I’d rather see them helped by getting buffed, than by nerfing the opposition to make it easier for everyone. How about if Shadow Stance made the hero immune to explosive damage? Makes you immune to exploding deathbursts and propane explosions, don’t think there are any other sources that deal such damage.

  5. Really don’t get why people hate this mutation more than Smoke Screens. At least Exploding Deathburst has *some* counterplay, Smoke Screens just straight up disable almost all of the weapons and abilities (and as a consequence, classes and roles) in the game. There’s nothing you can do about it, either.

  6. This is honestly the only challenging modifier requiring creativity. I’d rather you focus on bees, cowboy aimbots, and lobber gas if you want to make melee easier.

    Exploding deathburst just means you should probably choose a non-melee subclass for one mission, and you should build tunnels that delay or launch instead of kill.

  7. Great idea. I’d also be okay with trap tunnels triggering the explosion (it’s great to be forced to deal with this challenge occasionally), but giving melee a pass stops this being such a problem for ninja.

    Would be interesting to see how it’d work with say soliders/abilities shooting into a group where the ninja is slashing – I guess good teamwork would be required, which is never a bad thing!

  8. Besides of that Husks should explode too only if you kill them with a wrong ranged weapon, for exampled a water husk should explode if you kill it with a normal or fire weapon.


  9. That would make it even more agonizing against melee users for a simple reason:

    If it only activates when killing them with a ranged weapon it would never damage the players that trigger it and it would still kill ninjas and constructors on melee range of the target.

    Change the modifier into body damage ricochet. It incentivizes players to go for headshots against them and it doesn’t activate on melee or abilities. But if you hit them with a gun shot anywhere but the head, you get a portion of the damage dealt back at you.


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