Fortnite Back In 2011 Gameplay



Crazy how far the game has come

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  1. Pretty sure it’s more like 2013-2014, not 2011, because from 2011 to 2013 you had to physicaly build your walls IIRC.Like with a hammer and nails ect…
    And also, animations where SHIT during that age, from initial to 2013 x).

  2. Actually I’m surprised by how far it hasn’t come in ~8 years. by the looks of this they have had lots of the major stuff in place for a very long time. certainly in terms of concept and primary mechanics. I mean even a very fun sounding pvp component.

    This doesn’t give me any encouragement that anything major is going to improve, just a trickle of minor QoL, weapons/Heroes. until what, I dunno gradual death. honestly quite disappointed to see this.

    EPIC have gotten their monies worth out this early work, and can quite legitimately call it a day before all the social problems they cant fix brings it all crashing down.


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