1. I hope epic reconsiders their stance on STW cosmetics

    The channel at the end is mine. Credit to everyone else whos clips I used in the video

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  2. I do have videos showcasing every STW hero doing a variety of emotes.

    Constructors: [Bull](https://streamable.com/or7e9), [Harper](https://streamable.com/tq5yg), [Hazard](https://streamable.com/zs71g), [Hype](https://streamable.com/pyn6a), [Izza](https://streamable.com/majf3), [Knox](https://streamable.com/s8nh0), [Kyle](https://streamable.com/cr5p2), [Penny](https://streamable.com/o1yih)

    Ninjas: [Crash](https://streamable.com/uqgs8), [Edge](https://streamable.com/0rn2y), [Ken](https://streamable.com/45qek), [Luna](https://streamable.com/e7za9), [Mari](https://streamable.com/dvj0r), [Sarah](https://streamable.com/faqi0), [Scorch](https://streamable.com/ls7t9), [Scorpion](https://streamable.com/wlfk4)

    Outlanders: [AC](https://streamable.com/boyue), [Buzz](https://streamable.com/owc0w), [Deadeye](https://streamable.com/ox8b4), [Eagle Eye](https://streamable.com/kbv5n), [Grizzly](https://streamable.com/i33ov), [Jess](https://streamable.com/g33n9), [Quinn](https://streamable.com/pbm42), [Southie](https://streamable.com/beghv)

    Any clipping issues are minor at best. They really can’t make us wait any longer to use our emotes in STW.

  3. I don’t think they’re keeping it out due to clipping, that’s likely an excuse.

    I’m guessing that implementing something like the locker into StW is not easy and that the time would be better spent improving the main game.

    Hopefully it comes out eventually, though.

  4. I want the golf ball to hit at Husks while I’m bored waiting for a balloon to drop or some shelter to charge. There is just so many reasons to add these silly unnecessary things to the STW. Break up the grind. I can’t wait for the day I can Dab at a charging smasher before I pull out my shotty and pop him in the face.

  5. I have a feeling its coming with the new hero system. The change to the llamas I am thinking means that they have finally decided on a new revenue stream for STW. If they don’t add a revenue stream soon it would be a huge missed opportunity, and one that any reasonable business in theory shouldn’t pass up.

  6. They wont put stuff that works in the game cause “clipping” but they refuse to aknowledge that my paid Tier 100 Ragnarok wont even work because his shoulder blocks my view while aiming. Or all the other huge graphical issues with some characters.


  7. i want this, but ive noticed the character models where off a bit so thats all that needs working on to add emotes to the game. so im down as long as they fix the game first to work on the character models for most/all the emotes.

  8. >The locker was promised 11 months ago along with fixes for AFK and Global chat

    Here we can see the reason why the locker doesn’t come,11 months and they didn’t fixed shit, only added BR characters, some weapons, recycled events, i already lost my hope on the game

    The v bucks are still very nice tho, but if they take it off when the game launches F2P then i will just sell my end game account and GG

  9. Wait for them to come to the post and say:

    “Since we were doing the new UI, Hero Rework, Frostnite, Hexsilvania (I know it was almost the same as last year but still), we were also fixing the in-game chat and working on the X-Ray llamas we haven’t had a chance to fix any of those things from 11 months ago. ”

    There’s also the possibility that the “BR Locker” is coming along with the Hero Rework, there’s a chance, so you never know.

    I would like to see the global chat enable again because people who bought the Super Deluxe or better has a founder’s chat which is not working so…

  10. I hope they add this soon. I used to buy cosmetics religiously because I believed it would be added to STW at some point. I fell off of making sure I bought every cosmetic because it’s been so long since they even acknowledged the possibility of this feature. They could be making money if they would add it already lol. I honestly don’t care about a little clipping. I just wanna be able to do something other than the two default dances.

  11. Epic employee : Let’s pretend we didn’t read this post. And don’t give a single reply.


    The other mode player : (Some RANTS)


    Epic employee : Red alerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. If they try to put it down to “clipping” that is unbelievable, considering the fact that a lot of emotes clip in br already. Particularly emotes with an object near the head and characters with masks, eg: busy, phone it in or mind blown along with tomato head, beef boss, crackshot or ragnarok. There are probably a lot more as well.

  13. Hopefully when the hero rework releases, they may also introduce a locker for our heroes. This is VERY much needed, as I am sick of doing Ride the Pony and the default dance every single time.

  14. I’m not sure why people are taking their clipping excuse so seriously. They’re just lazy and STW isn’t a priority. They can’t even be bothered to fix global chat and just put BR reskins into the event store every week and say they’re going to be unique characters later. I bet they’ll just get some perk changes.

  15. Epic confirmed locker is coming so I’ve been buying BR emotes for this soul purpose. If they are going back on their word I’d like a refund for the emotes. They can remove the emotes from my account and do what they want with them as I’m mainly interested in STW.


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