Create-A-Hero concept I made, has a few flaws but I think it could be implemented in Hero Rework.


Create-A-Hero concept I made, has a few flaws but I think it could be implemented in Hero Rework.

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  1. What problems I have with this myself:

    Naming the hero would pose a problem. I’m sure we all want uniform names. Perhaps there could be a prefix-suffix type thing. For example; slot one will have Urban/Special Forces/First Shot (would have to pair with class), etc and the suffix will have the name of the hero being used. Example: Special Forces Rio would be the hero pictured above.

  2. I do like this but anything not already in the pipeline for this rework is almost for sure not being added.

    They are wrapping up the final details and working out the fine kinks.

    I desperately hope this is close to what they have in mind for the overhaul though.

  3. I like it but I won’t want to see something that changes the entire look of a hero, I can’t explain why I don’t like it but it just feels strange, I’m all for cosmetics but a complete hero overlay kind of seems too extreme

  4. Would mean every hero/model need to be reworked to fit every class/subclass.

    You’d also have the issue of not knowing what others are playing where the current system you know 100%. This system you’d only know their class and that’s it.

  5. This is what I was hoping the hero system would be . it would increase the value of buying skins for the devs on each side because who doesn’t love making their own skin amazing?

  6. Very rad, this is more or less what I wanted the game to be from the start. I try not to think about it with the hero rework on the horizon, don’t want to hype myself up for something that maybe less. Certainly hope your post gets traction.

  7. I’m surprised this has so many upvotes.

    Not because I think its a bad idea but historically in this sub any time someone has suggested using BR skins in STW has been shot down by the community. People always attack posters of ideas like this saying they want to preserve the hero class body-types and so on.

    Honestly I’d love to be able to use my purchased items from BR in both modes, would give me even more incentive to purchase stuff from the shop.

    As a suggestion though, we’d probably need to be able to choose voices as well, since the devs would have to assign every skin a default voice otherwise.

  8. I don’t know why this isn’t a thing, even in between STW skins, let alone BR skins as well


    It’ll add infinite variety and flavor to the game. It’s not even a joke

  9. Id love the shit out of this game if we got to create our own.

    Pick skin color, face/head so Im not looking like Jonesy.

    Then when you collect heroes you get their “style”. Like DCU Online. So you can swap them out. Like that helmet on X outfit with upper body outfit of Y?

    It doesnt need to he insanely detailed. Like Helmet, Face (glasses, some masks etc), Chest, Gloves, Belt, Legs, Boots. Already have Backpiece. And then “Style” like auras or glowing shit/reactive

  10. See this is what it should’ve been! The only problematic heroes are constructors due to their large bodies. Otherwise everyone fits as everything, outlanders can pass as ninjas without a doubt.


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