1. It’s not so much ‘bugged’ it’s that the scaling for points given by leads has always been iffy. At uncommon it has a boost over standard survivors however at rare or higher their points value is equal to the same rarity of a standard survivor. It’s always been there. The trap point values are also off from the others

  2. So what’s the point of burning a legendary lead to try for another? Seems somewhat pointless. Not seen any other transforms require the use of a same rarity but maybe I’ve just had my head in the sand. Or, like the other fool posted, I just can’t do the maths…/s

  3. Your wording is wrong (2 fold actually, it’s ‘Transform’ not ‘transom’) the cost of a legendary lead isn’t broken, what you mean is the value of increased rarity leads doesn’t scale like (some) of the other schematic types. Just because they choose to assign a different ratio doesn’t mean it’s a bug. However, IF it’s a bug then the issue is with the value of the epics (and rares) which can easily be avoided by using hero, defender or weapon schematic at a rare


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