Behold… the two most unwanted items in Twine Peaks


Behold… the two most unwanted items in Twine Peaks

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  1. Why do we still get them and other low level grey and green weapons/traps? It’s annoying having to go through your backpack everytime and drop the items you definitely do not need…

  2. A nice feature would be to be able to craft ressources from lower level ones. Just like you’re able to craft Powder and Adhesive.

    “Need some more Efficient Mechanical Parts? Grab your unused stacks of Sturdy one and craft some.”

  3. Gizmos are always useful, and it’s not like they’re dropped all the time. As for the twine, it’s the same with the dust and other basic crafting bits, they’re coming from your Storm Shield because of that bug that causes Storm Shield zones to be treated as power level 1 zones.

  4. I definitely feel there are mats that are more used than others and just a waste collecting stuff like flowers, etc. There has to be a way to implement their use so it doesn’t feel like such a waste.

  5. Once a month I go down to a Plankerton mission and ask what every ones level is. Then I make a platform and tell them I’m getting rid of inventory that I can’t use. Rather then destroy it I hand it out to all the low levels. Then I make them all a gun of their choice.

    Last night did that, took me a few matches to get people to talk or type to me, but the ones that did were thrilled. 600 malachite – here ya go! Need sturdy mechanical – take 800 of them!

    Nothing like clearing out your inventory and shield storage of things that you just don’t need and won’t ever use anymore. The low levels love it.

    I use to try and go to stonewood, but every match had higher players then mine asking – shadow shard? Bright? I’m like what the hall are all of you doing in stonewood. Same answer – dailies! So plankerton works better.


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