Bear Cosplay Husk: Untargetable by outlanders TEDDY.


Bear Cosplay Husk: Untargetable by outlanders TEDDY.

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  1. I’d like to see some husks that offer direct counters to a certain class. This would be a perfect introduction into a group of husks that do this.

    For ninja (Despite this class already being counters by almost every husk already late game) could have a husk that constantly pushes you back

    For constructor, they could have a normal husk (not a mist monster) that is immune to their crowd control abilities (decoy and bullrush) or maybe a husk that aims for building pieces instead of the objective

    For solider, they could have a husk that is immune to ranged attacks and explosive, similar to the Flinger (this would kinda counter every class in a way though)

  2. actually, yeah this does sound cool.

    there should be other ones like…

    …Constructor husks… it would bring buildbattles to Fortnite propper.

    Ninja husks that can do all the crazy shit ninjas can do,100x faster and 100x dumber.

    And a type of husk that’s immune to soldiers… but they attack only the soldiers, and remove points from the soldier’s combat score.

    i *really* like that last one.


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