An overview of husks


# Basic Information

The following spreadsheet contains a basic description and image of every husk in the game to serve as a reference to new players. It also contains the health values i previously estimated in this [post]( as well as the damage values for every husk at each power level 1 through 100.

# How to use

Simply open the spreadsheet and create a copy of it, in this copy use the drop down menus to select which type of husk and at what power level you want the information at. You can open the spreadsheet [Here](

# Future improvements

I have no plans of making a full guide i will leave that to the likes of u/Whitesushii, however i do plan on adding information for the pl 109 and 118 husks. I also plan on adding the information on Flingers, to be totally honest i forgot they existed during this testing as they don’t spawn randomly only in defenses. If i ever get around finishing the testing i was doing on impact guards this will also be added.


Please comment or message me with any mistakes you think i might have made so i can investigate and correct them

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