1. They could do this or…

    Completely remove daily coins and give us 200 gold for each daily instead.

    Or they could sell Emotes for Daily coins when we possibly get them one day.

  2. I’d like to see schematic weapon wraps appear as a daily coin thing.
    the schematic would have a wrap option that can be turned on or off and a list of unlocked wraps that can be toggled on or off seems simple enough ?

  3. for some reason I feel like a 1:2 ratio on gold coins:gold bars should be reversed, so like 100 coins gets you 50 gold bars.

    Maybe I’m just stuck on the names of the currencies…

  4. Yeah so people with maximum gold could also bitch about having no use for coins, and we’d have this entire conversation again. Daily coins are **NOT** meant to be useful for all players. They are meant to be a catchup tool designed to help newer players get legendary schematics, and help some older players fill out their collection books or just get random schematics they may have never gotten.


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