Torbjorn is definitely not the easiest hero to master in Overwatch and with its overly defensive abilities, he just does not get played that often but Blizzard is looking to change that soon.

According to Geoff Goodman, they are currently working to change Torbjorn so that he can be more offensive. The update will remove Molten Core and give Torbjorn the ability to toss out his turrets.

He added that Torbjorn needs a lot of time to get rolling in the game and is often seen as useless in the beginning but they are hoping that the changes would change that so that he can assist his team at any point.

The update would also see Tobjorn get a new ultimate as with the changes, Molten Core would not be useful anymore. Either it will get removed or it will become just a normal move. No word on what the new Ultimate would be.

Blizzard also did not announce when the update for Tobjorn will be released but what do you think of this change?


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