Overwatch: Year of the Dog – Start date and time


Last year’s Year of the Rooster Overwatch event began on 24th January 2017. That tied in neatly with the date for Chinese New Year, which began on 28th January 2017.

Things are a bit different for 2018, however, as the Year of the Dog actually begins on the 16th February 2018. It simply wouldn’t make sense for the in-game event to take place in January this year.

For that reason, we expect the Overwatch Lunar New Year 2018 event to begin on Tuesday 13th February. It will likely conclude three weeks later on Monday 5th March 2018. Based on previous events, we expect Lunar New Year 2018 to begin and end at 11:00am PST, which is 7:00pm in the UK and 8:00pm in Europe.

Once we have official confirmation of the start date and times direct from Blizzard, we’ll update this section of our guide right away.

Year of the Dog – Skins

There were a total of 124 new items to unlock last year, and we expect a similar number to make an appearance for Year of the Rooster. Here’s what was on offer last time around:

  • 6 Epic Skins
  • 7 Legendary Skins
  • 3 Emotes
  • 7 Victory Poses
  • 23 Voice Lines
  • 52 Sprays
  • 3 Highlight Intros
  • 23 Player Icons

Expect the following skins to make a return – and at a reduced price – along with a host of new high-end items to unlock at a much higher cost! As soon as the event update goes live we’ll grab all of the assets straight from the client and pop them straight in here.


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