Overwatch RIPOFF!!!! Gamers Beware…..


There are games that are heavily inspired by others and then there is Heroes of Warfare, a product that copies everything in Overwatch to the dot.

The clone is from the dubiously named 4399EN GAME developer in China and is currently available in the region for mobile devices. That availability, though, might not continue for long.

According to a report from PC Watch (translated by Kotaku), Blizzard and NetEase have filed a lawsuit against the Chinese developer for reproducing Overwatch without permission and distributing Heroes of Warfare in an act of copyright infringement. The demands include an apology, compensation in damages, and the immediate removal of the mobile game from online stores.

Heroes of Warfare not only copies the character models from Overwatch but also their personalities, lore, and abilities. In addition, the Chinese developer has gone as far as to replicate the maps and even the user interface. It is clear that the defence cannot simply state that it was inspired by the popular team-based shooter of Blizzard.

The lawsuit should land in favor of the original product, unless the court decides that imitation without stealing the original assets is not a crime. China has a stern law against unfair competition in the market. We should hear Blizzard achieve victory in the coming weeks.


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