Fan-made blending of Overwatch and Pokemon and trust me you will like it!!!


This fan-made blending of Overwatch and Pokemon will make you wish that it was a real game if you’re even remotely a fan of either series.

Right from the beginning, it’s made evident that this isn’t just another project that’s been slapped together in a hurry. In this nearly 5-minute video, YouTube content creator iDeViL360 has created pixelated versions of different Overwatch heroes to make them fit almost seamlessly into the world of Pokemon. From playing as Tracer to the professor being Junkrat in his mad scientist skin, the beginning of the gameplay video is made even better with Roadhog being declared your Rival.

One of the best things about this crossover project is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously either. In fact, it takes plenty of jabs at different topics that range from the games it’s created from to topical jokes. When picking your gender like you would normally at the beginning of Pokemon games, a third option that says “It’s 2017” makes us wish that the creator had chosen that one just to hear Professor Junk’s response. The video references Bronze players in Overwatch and even gives Genji – a Pokemon in this video – a combat move called “I Need Healing” that’s seen when he faces off against Bastion.

Mercy, Hanzo, Reaper, and other Overwatch characters all also make appearances in the YouTuber’s video as well through various roles in the Pokemon universe be it as a Pokemon, an adversary, or the NPC running what would be a Pokemon Center. While some of the jokes and references are more obvious than others, there are plenty of moments that’ll have viewers rewinding the video to catch the finer details. The whole thing is a pretty enjoyable creation throughout, but if you’re an avid fans of both of the worlds that are merged here, it’ll be that much more meaningful when you notice the inside jokes from each game.

While it’s just a wishful video for now, hopefully this will inspire someone to create a full version of the crossover. It likely won’t last long before it’s taken down should it ever be made, but it’d be a shame not to attempt it given the potential that’s shown here.


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