The art process is long and arduous artists may go through multiple concepts before one finally sticks. Those of you who are graphic artists or illustrators may know the pain of designing and redesigning concept art. This is especially amplified for art designers at AAA studios such as Blizzard. The Overwatch characters you see today went through many concepts before finally making it onto the character roster you see whenever you play the game. As previously mentioned, Overwatch has a lot of traces of the cancelled Project Titan.

As you see here, Soldier: 76 originally wore a mask and wielded a sub-machine gun-type weapon and a pistol. The next art piece shows a Soldier: 76 that is closer to the current character model, but still without the visor.

Some characters were actually different genders in the original concept art. For instance, Pharah and Mercy were at first male; Mercy was supposed to be an African American man as well. Symmetra was also supposed to be white until she was later changed to be of Indian descent.

Other characters had radically different concepts, as well. Tracer had red hair and a red scarf (that eventually was included on her girlfriend, Emily, in the Christmas short) and Junkrat looked radically different from the finished product.

One of the character concepts of McCree involved portraying him as a racist man; this is evident in the Confederate Flag on his left sleeve. This may have been altered because of Jeff Kaplan’s desire to make Overwatch inclusive of all peoples and races.

What other Overwatch art concepts you come across? Which one is your favourite?


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