Ice Storm Challenge

Ice Storm Challenge

Over the weekend, the Ice Storm in-game event began in Fortnite, bringing with it some new challenges.

The Ice King unleashed an icy storm on the map, which is now covered in snow. New challenges unlock every day and if you complete all 13 challenges you’ll be rewarded with the Winter’s Thorn Glider. As an incentive, you’ll also receive the Blue Metallic Wrap once you’ve completed six of the Ice Storm challenges.

The Ice Fiends and Brutes spawn at the Ice Shards, so don’t destroy the Shards immediately or else you’ll need to move somewhere else in order to complete the challenges. Ice Shard locations are randomized in each map and glow bright blue, so they aren’t too difficult to find.

Your best chance of finding one is either heading to one of the four corners of the map as there will be fewer players there, but beware the collapsing circle. Other than that, try running down the river in the middle of the map like you would with a Loot Llama.

Ice Storm ChallengeDestroy Ice Fiends

You’ll need to defeat 250 Ice Fiends for this challenge. These zombie-like creatures spawn near Ice Shards, so focus on defeating them and their brethren rather than trying to destroy the Shard.

You could make good use of traps when fighting the horde, as well as using Automatic or Explosive Weapons like a Rocket Launcher. Given that another challenge involves using Explosive weapons, we’d go with the latter.

Deal damage with Explosive Weapons to the Ice Legion

You’ll have to inflict 5000 damage on the Ice Legion for this challenge. Don’t be daunted by the number; if there’s a large group of Ice Fiends and Brutes kicking around, you’d be surprised by how much damage you can do using a Grenade Launcher.

Destroy Ice Brutes

These guys are the bigger, hardier brothers of the Ice Fiends. Defeating them requires significantly more firepower, so make sure you can a weapon like a Shotgun equipped and maybe leave a Trap nearby for extra damage. You’ll need to take out 100 of these bad boys to complete this challenge, as they spawn less frequently than the Fiends.

You’ll find Ice Brutes close to the Ice Shard, accompanied by a bunch of Ice Fiends.

Deal Damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to the Ice Legion

This challenge is pretty straightforward, given that Pistols and Assault rifles are readily available. You’ll need to inflict 10,000 damage to the Ice Legion using Assault Rifles or Pistols. You can be easily overwhelmed by a large horde, so try tackling this challenge in a Duo or as part of a Squad.

If you manage to find a Heavy Assault Rifle, you can take a few steps back and just mow down enemies quite easily.

Destroy Ranged Ice Fiends

Ranged Ice Fiends are a taller version of the normal Ice Fiends, except they also throw snowballs that could take you out quite quickly.

Weapons such as the Crossbow or Sniper Rifle would be best to take down the 150 Ranged Ice Fiends necessary to complete this challenge. Again, doing this as part of a Duo or Squad means that you can take turns using Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles, and have one person keeping an eye out for other players.

Destroy Golden Ice Brutes

The Golden Ice Brutes are by far the most formidable enemy in the Legion. You’ll need to take down 20 of these and your best bet is to use a mix of Traps and the Crossbow, which inflicts extra damage on Fiends.


Golden Ice Brutes tend to spawn in the latter half of a match, so watch your flank for other players.

Upcoming Ice Storm challenges

As is always the case in Fortnite, some of the future challenges have been leaked. We won’t know until they go live later today and tomorrow, but here’s what you can probably expect to see this week:

  • Deal damage with Shotguns or SMGs to the Ice Legion
  • Destroy an Ice Shard in different matches
  • Deal Damage to the Ice Legion in a Single Match


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