Another week of challenges, another hunt for a hidden Battle Star. Let’s get the map out and track it down.

For a Fortnite Week 2 Challenge you’ll need to find a Battle Star between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and a Big Screen.

When you grab it you’ll earn 10 Battle Stars in total – that’s enough to push up another tier, getting you closer to the tier 100 Omega skin.

The Big Screen is in Risky Reels and the Pink Hot Rod is just north of that.

The Scarecrow is just east of that near the rocky outcrop so this is all fairly easy to find.

You’ll want to triangulate those locations to put you right next to a tree. It’s here you’ll find the hidden Battle Star, grid reference H2.

Check it out on our map below:

Fortnite Search between....



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