The location that this Fortnite challenge refers to is southeast of Retail Row.

You can see the crater that the challenge mentions to the left of the racetrack. The bear is next to the road coming out of Retail row to the south. Then the refrigerator shipment is further down that same road, in the north of the unnamed location to the south. (If you plan on making a decent run of the game after you’ve grabbed the Battle Star, a chest often spawns inside the refrigerator shipment.)

Once you’ve made your way down to this location you need to find a bald patch of earth where there’s no grass.

This is where you’ll find the Battle Star.

If you need help with the other Week 8 challenges in Fortnite, have a look at our full guide next. Then if you’re stuck trying to search chests in Salty Springs, we have a guide for that too.



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