• Deal 250 Headshot Damage to opponents

Damage challenges seem difficult, but aren’t that hard if you try to do them specifically. 250 damage is equivalent to two and a half eliminations with no shields and one and a quarter with full shields.

You could just aim for the head as your go about your normal games, but there are a couple of strategies that you can employ as well:

If you’re a solo only player, you can wait until the Battle Bus automatically throws you off at the end of its run. Then, if you’re lucky, there are a couple of people who’re AFK for long enough that they float down to the ground without doing anything. When they hit the deck, you’ll be there to deal the headshot damage you need.

If you fancy trying your hand a duos or squads, you can knock down another player using any method you want. Then when they’re on the ground, eliminated them with headshot damage and it’ll count towards your challenge progress.

  • Search 7 Chests in Salty Springs

The chest searching challenge this week is in Salty Springs. There are 13 possible chest spawn locations in Salty Springs, so it’ll be a bit tight with everyone trying to do the challenge at once.

If you’re trying to do the challenge straight from when you launch from the Battle Bus, your best bets are to land on the roofs of the buildings in the extreme west and extreme east of the area and pickaxe your way into the attics where you’ll usually find at least one chest.

Alternatively, you can head to the wooden structure in the middle south of the area. There are three possible spawn points here and it’s close to another behind the counter in the gas station across the road to the north.

  • Search 7 Chests in a single match

Like the ammo crate challenge from a few weeks ago, this will be difficult to do in normal play if you’re not trying specifically for it.

It might be tempting to head for areas with lots of chests like Tilted Towers to try and complete this challenge, but one strategy is to land in less popular areas where you’re less likely to meet other players and mop up what you can find.

A lot of people are preoccupied with the new football stadium and the other soccer pitches right now, so a good place to do this is Lonely Lodge. You can find at least three or four chests by making your way from the tower in the south of the area, then to the house at the southern end of the stream, then to the camp slightly northwest of that house, before looting the sports store in the north of the area and the house to the east of it.

Hopefully by then you’ll have found around five chests, which means you can continue heading north to Wailing Woods – where you can search the hedge maze for a couple more chests. If you’re still short after all that head directly west of the maze and there’s another chester spawn on the back of a pickup truck close by.

  • Search 7 Hungry Gnomes

For the last couple of weeks there have been treasure map challenges that task you with finding a map in a given location, then going to the hidden treasure it describes. However, this week’s challenge looks a little different. Word on the street is that we’ll be tasked with searching out seven Hungry Gnomes around the map. The gnomes have made appearances before, so it’s not out of the realms of possibility.

We’ve already got a guide up and running for this week’s “Search between” challenge is yet to be determined as well. Follow the link aboive to take a look at where you need to go.

  • 3 Suppressed Weapon Eliminations (HARD)

Suppressed weapons – especially SMGs – are quite common, so this shouldn’t be too tough to complete with regular play.

However, as with damage challenges, if you go into squads or duos you can down enemies with any weapon you want, then when they’re on the floor finish them with a suppressed weapon and it’ll count as an elimination towards your challenge.

  • Eliminate 3 opponents in Pleasant Park (HARD)

This challenge shouldn’t be too hard either. One of the soccer fields that you need to complete the score on different pitches challenge from last week is in Pleasant Park, so there should be plenty of players landing there raring for a fight.


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