• Search seven chests in Greasy Grove – 5 Stars

This is a simple one you could start with, and though you may not find all seven chests in a single life, you can always chip away at it every time you land.

    • Consume seven Hop Rocks – 5 Stars

Hop Rocks are glowing crystals that let you defy gravity (jump higher). They’re found in craters all around the map, especially in Dusty Divot, and you need to use seven of them to complete the challenge.

    • Deal 500 damage with suppressed weapons to opponents – 5 Stars

Here’s another simple, but perhaps a little tedious one. Depending on how easily you can find suppressed weapons (suppressed pistol or SMG), you just need to deal 500 damage to enemies for this challenge to clear.

    • Dance in front of seven different film cameras – 5 Stars

As you may have noticed, the arrival of Season 4 changed up a bunch of locations around the map. There’s a movie set at Moisty Mires, and a bunch of green screens with cameras pointed at them at different buildings all over the map. Here’s where to dance in front of 7 different film cameras.

    • Search between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and a Big Screen – 10 Stars

Following these clues should put see you glide in from the Battle Bus to Risky Reel where you’ll land near a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod and Big Screen.

    • Get three explosive weapon eliminations – 10 Stars

Killing players with explosive weapons is going to be tricky, but you can make this easier on yourself by playing Duos or Squads. That way, you can knock ’em down with any weapon and finish ’em off with an explosive. You only need three, so it’s not too bad.

    • Eliminate three opponents in Tomato Town – 10 Stars

This final challenge needs a bit of planning, but it’s very doable depending on where you land. You could either try to land in Tomato Town for a quick early-game kill, or head there once you’ve geared up to kill whomever is camping there.



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