Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge Week 3

Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge

If you head into your locker when you’ve finished off the weekly challenges and go to Loading Screen, you’ll find “A Looming Threat” – which shows heroes like Carbide and Valor standing over a hologram of the Fortnite map and Omega.

Toward the bottom left of the Loading Screen picture, there’s a faint outline of a Battle Star in the south of the island, south of Dusty Divot and west of Fatal Fields.

It might look like blue mush, but it’s there – honest.

If you translate that location to the in-game Fortnite map, you get to a hill just outside Fatal Fields, north of Lucky Landing and northeast of Flush Factory.

It’s quite an easy place to get to if you glide straight there from the Battle Bus. Finding the secret Battle Star grants you 10 more to add onto your season Battle Pass progress. Every little helps on the way to that coveted Omega skin.

Fortnite patch 4.2 was delayed because of issues with the new burst rifle, meaning you couldn’t complete the Blockbuster challenge properly when it was first released – but those problems have now been fixed


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