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Taco Shop and Moisty Mire Treasure Map Locations

Taco Shop and Moisty Mire Treasure Map Locations

A new update is now available for Fortnite, and with it comes another set of challenges for Battle Pass holders to complete in Battle Royale. The Week 9 challenges are now live on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile, and they consist of the usual mix of straightforward and slightly trickier objectives.

There are seven new challenges in all to complete this week, a few of which are things you would normally be doing in Battle Royale anyway. One of the simpler challenges tasks you with dealing a certain amount of damage to opponents’ structures, while another involves building 250 of your own structures. Completing each of these will get you 5 Battle Stars.

One challenge that may trip you up is visiting three Taco Shops. That sounds simple enough on paper, but you must accomplish the task in a single match. Fortunately, there are five Taco Shops in all, three of which are grouped together fairly closely on the western side of the map, so it shouldn’t be too hard to visit all three before the storm closes in.

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On the trickier end of the spectrum is a Hard challenge that cryptically says to follow the treasure map found in Moisty Mire. You can find the map at the largest structure located right in the center of the area, and it will lead you to a house below Retail Row. You’ll find the Battle Star on top of the house’s two chimneys.

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There are two other Hard challenges this week. One tasks you with eliminating four players with a shotgun, while the other is to eliminate three opponents in Lucky Landing. You’ll get 10 Battle Stars for accomplishing each of these.

You can see the full list of this week’s new challenges below, which are available to complete if you own the Season 3 Battle Pass. You have until the end of the season to complete the challenges, which allows you to level up your Battle Pass more quickly and, in turn, earn Season 3 skins and rewards. You can see the complete list of Season 3 challenges here.

Fortnite Week 9 Challenges

  • Deal damage to opponents’ structures (5,000) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Search Chests in Haunted Hills (7) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Build structures (250) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Visit different Taco Shops in a single match (3) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Hard: Follow the Treasure Map found in Moisty Mire — 10 Battle Stars
  • Hard: Shotgun Eliminations (4) — 10 Battle Stars
  • Hard: Eliminate opponents in Lucky Landing (3) — 10 Battle Stars


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