• Deal damage with SMGs to opponents – 5 Stars

This is pretty routine. Kill your foes with an SMG. No problemo.

    • Search chests in Anarchy Acres – 5 Stars

Anarchy Acres is a big enough place to hide 7 chests. Don’t forget to search the barns.

    • Place a Cozy Campfire – 5 Stars

Once you’ve found a Cozy Campfire in a chest just set it alight and bingo, challenge done.

    • Summit different mountains peaks – 5 Stars

You need to climb 10 different mountain peaks. You should be pretty familiar with these, but here’s a very handy map to all mountain peak locations.

    • Search between a Metal Bridge, Three Billboards and a Crashed Bus (Hard) – 10 Stars

This week’s treasure hunt for a giant Battle Star is easy enough – follow this handy map to find the spot between a metal bridge, three billboards and a crashed bus.

    • Explosive Weapon Eliminations (Hard) – 10 Stars

Kill 3 opponents with any explosive weapons; grenade, rocket launcher, guided missile or remote explosive.

    • Eliminate opponents in Retail Row (Hard) – 10 Stars

Retail Row is this week’s killzone. Arm up, grit your teeth and wipe out 3 opponents.

All previous weekly challenges remain live, so you can still catch up and finish off any stragglers there.


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