Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 5 just kicked off. With it comes another week of challenges, though this Season the first 3 challenges are for everyone, while the final 4 are for Battle Pass owners exclusively, a change from previous seasons.

One of the new challenges this week is to search 7 Floating Lightning Bolts across the map—which has seen some big changes in Season 5 including a new desert biome and two new Named Locations: Lazy Links, a golf course replacing Anarchy Acres; and Paradise Palms, a new urban location where Moisty Mires used to be, smack-dab in the middle of the desert.

See all of Week 1’s challenges here.

In any case, these Floating Lightning Bolts are scattered across—and above—the map. Rather than just running up and searching these items, you’ll need to build in order to reach each one. They sit way up above the ground. I’ve scouted out seven locations, and I’ll update these posts as more come in.

First off, here’s a handy map:

Update: Lots of great reader finds that I’ve added to this post and to the map. Thanks so much! I’ll keep updating as we find more, but for now I’m going to bed . . . .

Update 2: Added more locations thanks to all your great finds and tips. Thanks again! I have to investigate and verify at least one more and will update if it pans out. We’re up to 18!



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