It’s challenge time in Fortnite: Battle Royale, which this week means its time play some basketball. One of the Season5, Week 2 challenges is asking us to score baskets on 5 different hoops, so we’re off to scour the map in search of basketball hoops, some of which are on basketball courts and some of which are a little harder to find. As usual, finding the thing is only part of the challenge: you’ll also have to make your basket without getting killed by someone waiting in the weeds. So let’s dive into it: here’s a map of where to find all the basketball hoops you’ll need to complete this challenge:

Fortnite Week 2 basketball court locationsHere’s where you’re looking:

  • On the eastern side of Junk Junction.
  • By the second house from the north in Snobby Shores.
  • In the unnamed area between Retail Row and Snobby Shores.
  • On the western side of the unnamed area west of Snobby Shores, near the indoor soccer field.
  • At the end of a street in the northeast of Paradise Palms.
  • In the northeast corner of Retail Row.
  • By a house on top of the mountain south of Salty Springs.

That’s nine, so pick any five and it will be enough to complete the challenge. Keep in mind that in order to complete this challenge at all you’ll need access to the basketball, which you get from Tier 11 of the battle pass. so if you just bought it this week, you might need to go back and complete some other challenges before you can fill this one. I’d expect to see other golf and volleyball-themed challenges later in the season as Epic tries to get people to experiment with the new toys system overall.

As with many of these challenges, you’ll be easy pickings for opportunistic players looking to nab a kill, especially since actually hitting the basket is a tiny bit more involved than these challenges sometimes require. So if you find yourself aiming down the sights of an SMG, watching some poor player just trying to complete a challenge, take pity and let them get their shot off first.


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