This week, Epic Games is launching a brand new ‘High Stakes’ event along with a special new ‘Getaway’ LTM, new free challenges and free rewards.

What this means is that this event is free-to-play for all Fortnite players. You don’t need a Season 5 Battle Pass. The only thing you’ll have to pay for, if you’re so inclined, is the pretty awesome new High Stakes Outfit, which you can see here.

The studio just revealed what these free challenges are and what the free rewards for completing them are. Here’s what you can expect when the High Stakes event goes live.

High Stakes Challenges & Rewards:

  • Challenge 1: Play 10 matches of The Getaway. Reward: 5,000 XP
  • Challenge 2: Deal 500 damage to jewel-carrying opponents. Reward: New High Stakes spray.
  • Challenge 3: Pick up a jewel in 5 different matches of The Getaway. Reward: High Stakes contrail.
  • Complete All Challenges Reward: High Stakes crowbar Harvesting Tool.

Completion ChallengeCREDIT: EPIC GAMES

These aren’t particularly interesting challenges. I was hoping for a “Search for 10 hidden poker cards” or something to that effect, but these are mostly geared around either grabbing the jewel in The Getaway or doing damage to the jewel thief.

In any case, we’ll update you on when exactly this mode goes live soon. We should know whether that will be tomorrow or later in the week at any time now.


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