The majority of the week’s challenges can be accomplished by simply doing what comes naturally to Fortnite players. In the free section and you’ll need to deal 500 headshot damage to opponents, harvest 3,000 building resources with a pickaxe. The hardest challenge among the free ones, however, asks players to “search where the Stone Heads are looking.” To do this, you’ll need to find all the Stone Heads on the island, of which there are seven. Once you’ve found them, you’ll notice that they’re all staring at one location: Salty Springs. Specifically, the small hill west of Salty Springs. Of course, now that you know exactly where they’re looking, you don’t have to actually seek out the Stone Heads and can instead head straight to the Battle Star. You can use the map images below for a better idea of where to go or watch us do the challenge in the video above.

The remaining challenges are for those that have a paid-for Battle Pass and involve searching for seven chests in Lonely Lodge, getting two kills with a Minigun or Light Machine Gun, and also taking out three opponents in Tilted Towers. The final challenge in the paid tier involves completing five timed trials. You’ll get 6,000 XP for completing any four challenges, which shouldn’t be too difficult.



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