The challenge is exclusive to the paid Battle Pass tier and asks players to complete five timed trials. This is the first challenge of its kind and involves collecting a number of timer symbols within a certain location before the allotted time runs out. This is pretty easy on its own, but it’s not simply a case of running to them and grabbing them. Some of the time trials are much easier if you build your way up to the collectible, so you’ll need to have resources handy. Others, meanwhile, can be done quicker by using an ATK, which doesn’t automatically spawn nearby, so you’ll have to hunt for one.

Thankfully, the trials are repeatable, so you can usually take a shot at one, get a feel for where the timer collectibles are placed, and then figure out what you need to get them all. Completing this is very much a case of trial and error, so set aside a little time to work through the process and get it done. Below you can find a map of where we found the Time Trials.

Once you’ve completed this week’s challenges, there’s still plenty of Battle Stars left to earn for those who haven’t managed to finish previous challenges. To make that easier for you, we’ve put together a round-up of guides for all Season 5’s challenges. Alternatively, you can find the specific one you’re looking for below.

Developer Epic Games has released the full patch notes for Fortnite update 5.21, which has a couple of new Limited-Time Modes and a new weapon. The two modes include Soaring 50s, where players get to leap and glide around to their heart’s content, and Sniper Shootout, a mode where the new Heavy Sniper Rifle weapon can be used to pick off unsuspecting enemies.



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