Fortnite Season 5 Week 3 Blockbuster Location


Another hidden battle star is hidden on the Fortnite Battle Royale map to find for week 3 of season 5, as part of the new ‘Road Trip’ set of challenges.

The new ‘Road Trip’ challenges are Season 5’s equivalent to the Blockbuster challenges in season 4, each week unlocking a new loading screen, with the location of the star hidden within.

In addition to simply helping you ascend through the battle pass ranks faster, the Road Trip challenge also has a secret unlockable skin once you have completed the whole set.

But because you can only complete one of the Road Trip tasks each week, it will take a minimum of seven weeks to unlock the hidden reward.

The loading screen for week 3, which you will unlock after completing the weekly challenges, is inspired by the new ATK vehicles and race track added to the map for Season 5.

On the license plate of the ATK, there is a star like a shape, and surrounding it are the co-ordinated for its location on the map for week 3 (J2-SW).

The star will only appear on the map after you have completed all the weekly challenges for week 3 of season 5, so if it isn’t there, you will need to ensure you have completed all the standard weekly challenges first and unlocked the new loading


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