We are about to arrive at yet another Twitch Prime Loot Pack in Fortnite, as Epic has been releasing them every two months or so, and August means it’s time for the third one to get here.

According to leaker Fortrisen, it turns out we’ve already seen what’s coming in the third pack, but we just didn’t realize it was the third Prime pack until now.

In the v5.1 patch, we got a look at a number of new, upcoming cosmetics for Fortnite, and those are usually all ones that show up in the store for sale. But there was one set, the Modern Military Set, seen above, that was a bit different than the others.

Fortnite's Third Twitch Prime Loot PackIt turns out that skin (Archetype), pickaxe (Caliper), glider (Servo) and back bling (Paradigm) are the four pieces of the upcoming Twitch Prime set. I kind of had a feeling about this, as these skins had A) nothing to do with either the current historical theme or “summer fun,” B) had no female equivalent and C) had all four pieces of a full set, despite A and B. That, plus the timing, all adds up to the likelihood that this was going to be the new Twitch Prime pack.

For my money, this is probably the best free Prime set to date. Archetype is probably a skin I would have bought anyway, so to get it free (well, “free”) with Twitch Prime is really nice. Considering how much Fortnite store skins cost these days, getting anything for free is welcome, especially when the skins are as cool looking as this.

With Fortnite continuing to grow in popularity, I’m sure that this will end up being the most claimed skin set to date, as you know that every Fortnite streamer on the planet is going to be plugging the hell out of the Twitch Prime connection, given how the free monthly sub benefits them at no cost to viewers (giving a streamer your free monthly Twitch Prime sub gives them $3.50 a month).

What this new leak does not say is exactly when the new loot pack goes live, but I would imagine sometime in early August, possibly even by the end of this week, if we’re using the past launches as any sort of metric. Once that happens, we can triple confirm that this is, in fact, the Prime pack (I really don’t know what else it could be) and walk you through how to claim it for your own.

Epic keeps hitting home runs after all this time, and this new Prime set would be no exception. With how much they keep upping their game, I’m already looking forward to the fourth Prime pack as well.


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